Projects and Theses


Interested students have the opportunity to have a planned project or final thesis supervised by the professorship Intelligent Technical Design in German or English.

You are always welcome to present your project idea. If you have not found a topic yet, we will help to assist you in finding a topic. On this page you can already find suggestions from the project "Digital ITD Twin" or research our teaching and research content.

Suggested topics

Digital ITD Twin

Project Overview

By installing several sensors and actuators in the rooms of our professorship, the foundation stone for a digital twin has been laid. The aim of the project is to use the data for simulations and optimizations as well as a virtual mapping of the rooms and related data. For this purpose, different applications are to be implemented or connected: A web interface for user-friendly operation, AR applications for data visualization and for setting actuator manipulation variables, VR applications for the virtual inspection of the rooms and last but not least simulation and optimization software. If you are interested in working on this project, e.g. as part of a final or project work, contact M.Sc. Mathias Artus or Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Koch.

Detailed project description

Improved Web interface for data visualization of the smart home system

The delivered web interface of FHEM is more an expert system than a user friendly smart home management system. For this purpose a new web interface shall be developed. Some Tasks for this are: create design drafts for the web interface, identify frameworks and libraries for responsive/adaptive web design, develop an architecture of elements which is reusable, ...

A detailed project description can be found here.

BIM interface for visualization of smart home data

The data of the smart home system shall be visualized in a suitable BIM environment for monitoring and facility management (FM). Basically BIM tools like Autodesk Revit don't support live sensor data. We would like to build it into it. Some tasks are: review which BIM tools can be extended, define how a sensor look like in 3D-Models of BIM, read live data from the sensors and show it in a suitable way...

A detailed project description can be found here.

AR Interface for smart home system

The data from the smart home system shall be visualized in AR. It would be nice if we can watch graphs on a smart phone or a tablet as well as adjusting actuators with it. Some tasks are: Define a look and feel of graphs. Design an software architecture for the components, which will be used for both, AR and VR. Develop the software which displays the graphics...

A detailed project description can be found here.

VR Interface for smart home system

The goal is to connect the data gained from sensors and actors with a virtual representation of our chair. While moving through the virtual world of our rooms, graphs shall be displayed and actuators can be adjusted. Some tasks in this part are: Visualize our rooms in VR. define a softwarearchitecture for components, which can be used for AR as well. How can different objects be visualized in VR? Importing IFC-Data to VR...

A detailed project description can be found here.

Simulation software and interface for smart home system

The data gained from our smart home systrem shall be used for simulation and optimization. Beside the visualization of data, we want to improve energy usage as well as feeling comfortable in our rooms. Simulation and optimization is needed for this. Some tasks in this field are: Review simulation and optimization software. Identify parameters for energy consumption and comfortable indoor clima. Implement control algorithms in FHEM. Connect FHEM with optimization and simulation software.

A detailed project description can be found here.

Completed theses

Utilizing BIM-Based Model Checking (BMC) in the early stages of design to examine the vulnerability of masonry structures to earthquakes

Mohamed Matook, Master Thesis, 2019

The aim of this thesis is to check the possibility of utilizing the concept of BIM-based model checking (BMC) to automatically check the compliance of masonry structures with the design standards. The rules, implemented using Revit and Dynamo, concerning masonry structures from EN 1996-1-1 and EN 1998-1 are assessed and analyzed. 

Supervisors: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Koch, Dr.-Ing. Lars Abrahamczyk

BIM-based Facility Management using COBie

Based on the theory of facilities management and BIM technology, this article first analyzes the research status of building facilities management and BIM thorough literature research method. Then sets forth the disadvantages of traditional facility management workflow and what BIM brings to facility management as well as BIM-COBie based facility management software. At last this article evaluates three pieces of facility software through comparative study method and makes a relevant case study to prove the feasibility and superiority of BIM-COBie based facility management, meanwhile provides references for the use of BIM-COBie according to this.

Yuzhe Wu, Master Thesis, 2019

Supervisors: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Koch, M.Sc. Thomas Behnke

Digitaler ITD Zwilling - Design und Implementierung eines Webinterface für nutzerorientierte Datenvisualisierung und Interraktion mit Smart-Home-Systemen

Xi Chen, Master Thesis, 2019

Diese Masterarbeit behandelt die Interaktion von Internet of Things (IoT), Digital Twin und Smart Home über eine responsive Weboberfläche für einen Heimautomatisierungsserver (FHEM), die sich intuitiv bedienen lässt und auch für Endanwender ohne technischem Verständnis optimiert ist. 

Prüfer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Koch, M.Sc. Mathias Artus

Entwicklung von Prüfstrukturen zur Qualitäts- und Planungskontrolle von Bauwerksinformationsmodellen

Das Ziel der Arbeit bestand darin, Baubeschreibungen zu analysieren und Konzepte zu erarbeiten, die eine Überprüfung des digitalen Modells bezüglich der Baubeschreibung und der darin festgelegten Qualitäten ermöglichen.

Sebastian Seiß, Master Thesis, 2018

Prüfer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Joachim Bargstädt M.Sc.; Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Koch; M.Sc. Judith Ponnewitz

Spezifizierung einer Datenschnittstelle zur Integration von digitalen Oberleitungsplanungen in Building Information Modeling

Das vordergründige Ziel der vorliegenden Arbeit bestand darin, Untersuchungen zu Datenübergabeszenarien zwischen Planungssoftware für Oberleitungsanlagen und anderen im BIM-Prozess verwendeten Programmen anzustellen und die Datenschnittstelle mit der besten Eignung anschließend zu spezifizieren.

Justus Boeck, Master Thesis, 2018

Prüfer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Arnd Stephan (TU Dresden); Dipl.-Ing. Fritjof Aufschläger (TU Dresden); Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Koch (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar); Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Krippner (DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH, Leipzig)  

Design and Implementation of Structural Dynamics Problems in a Serious Gaming Environment

Tarek Ahmed Mohamed, Master Thesis, 2018

The aim of this project was to develop a serious game to teach engineering students some structural dynamics problems which they can use to interact and get more involved with the theory behind these problems. The chosen problems were calculating the natural frequency and the mode shapes of a single span beam for different cases, and the Dynamic Amplification Factor (DAF). 

Supervisors: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Koch, Dr.-Ing. Volkmar Zabel