M. Sc. Mohamed Said Helmy Alabassy

Research Assistant

Marienstraße 13a, Raum 207
99423 Weimar

E-mail: mohamed.said.helmy.alabassy[at]uni-weimar.de

Alabassy, Mohamed (2021). Automated Approach for Building Information Modelling of Crack Damages via Image Segmentation and Image-based 3D Reconstruction in 32. Forum Bauinformatik 2021. 9.-10.09.2021. Darmstadt, Germany. p. 123 - 130.

Artus, Mathias; Alabassy, Mohamed; Koch Christian (2021). IFC based Framework for Generating, Modeling and Visualizing Spalling Defect Geometries. 28th International Workshop on Intelligent Computing in Engineering. 30.06. - 02.07.2021, Berlin, proccedings in print, best paper award


Advanced BIM

This module introduces advanced concepts and methods of Building Information Modeling (BIM).