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Source: University of Zagreb
Source: University of Zagreb
v.ln.n.r. Dipl.-Ing. Phillip Viehweger, Dipl.-Ing Julius Uhlmann und M.Sc. Johannes Vogel von der Professur Verkehrssytemplanung an der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar auf der Tagung in Kroatien. Foto: Tomasz Mackun
Source: Tomasz Mackun
Published: 06 April 2022

Insights into Croatian road safety research and practical road safety assessment

For years, the Chair of Transport System Planning has been involved in the training of road safety auditors and in research on road safety topics. Here, international exchange is also valuable in order to learn about new approaches. At an international conference with a workshop in Rovinj, Croatia, employees of the professorship had the chance to learn about road safety topics from the region as well as the Croatian implementation of safety analyses and try them out for themselves. The event took place partly within the framework of the research project EuroS@P (European Road Safety Partnership).

Around 400 participants accepted the invitation to Rovinj to discuss road safety together at the 46th International Expert Seminar on Transport Infrastructure and Road Safety "Roads 2022" (46. Međunarodni stručni seminar o prometnoj infrastrukturi i sigurnosti u prometu "Ceste 2022"), the largest transport conference in Croatia relevant to the entire Balkans.

At the associated workshop, organised by the University of Zagreb and held within the framework of EuroS@P, Croatian experts presented their approaches to safety audits and network-wide safety assessment of roads. The researchers from Gdansk, Catania, Zagreb and Weimar received special training in the iRAP methodology here and went through a complete assessment process using a Croatian case study. "The iRAP methodology is a very detailed approach to road safety assessment. We had a great week in Croatia, during which we were trained in the methodology through very good training sessions by our Croatian colleagues. We will apply what we learned in our everyday work and in our teaching and plan to test out the iRAP methodology in Germany," concludes Julius Uhlmann. 

The next EuroS@P workshop will take place in Weimar in December.