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form left.: Prof. Uwe Plank-Wiedenbeck, Dipl.-Ing. Julius Uhlmann,
B.Sc. Rebekka Kramm, M.Sc. Sandra Hübner,
M.Sc. Wido Hamel, Dipl.-Ing. Raimo Harder
picture: Marco Fedior
Published: 12 November 2019

Two graduates of the professorship awarded the VSVI Prize 2019

During the graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Civil Engineering in the Audimax of the BUW on Saturday (9.11.19) Dipl.-Ing. Raimo Harder handed over the award of the Vereinigung der Straßenbau- und Verkehrsingenieure Thüringen (VSVI) to the two award winners Mrs. B.Sc. Rebekka Kramm and Mrs. M.Sc. Sandra Hübner for their outstanding theses.

Ms Kramm wrote her bachelor thesis "Erfurt as a popular work location - potential analysis of mobility services for commuters" at the Chair of Transport System Planning as a student of urban studies. The work was supervised by the scientific assistant of the professorship Dipl.-Ing. Julius Uhlmann.

Ms. Hübner's final thesis in the Master's programme in Environmental Engineering dealt with the "Simulation and Evaluation of Air Pollution Concentrations in Traffic-Related Areas, Taking into Account the Traffic Situation, Road Edge Development, Urban Background Pollution and Local Weather Conditions on the Friedberger Landstrasse in Frankfurt am Main". M.Sc. Wido Hamel was the scientific assistant of the professorship who supervised the thesis.

About the VSVI

The VSVI Thuringia is the association of road construction and traffic engineers and currently has over 700 members. The primary goal of the VSVI is the scientific and practice-oriented further education in the form of seminars and excursions. In order to promote the next generation of engineers, the VSVI first awarded a prize to students of road and traffic engineering in Thuringia in 2010.

The submitted final theses will be reviewed by a VSVI jury and evaluated with regard to the engineering approach to solving the task, its feasibility and economic efficiency if necessary. Creativity and determination are particularly appreciated.