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Published: 15 November 2021

Lecture series "International Case Studies in Transportation" started

In the winter semester 2020/21, the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar together with the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt is organizing an international lecture series on sustainable mobility in urban areas.

All lectures will be held virtually:

How can we design sustainable mobility and make our cities more liveable? This question will be answered by renowned guest lecturers from Switzerland, Austria, Spain and Germany using international best practice solutions as examples. In English-language lectures, the experts will present current research results and examples of applications from the transport sector.


22.11.2021, 19:00-20:30
Towards a System of Velomobility: Cycling Practices and Politics

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Patrick Rérat
University of Lausanne (Switzerland)

06.12.2021, 19:00-20:30
Sustainable Mobility Is not a Renunciation: You Can Get Everywhere Car-Free

Speaker: Dr. Elisabeth Oberzaucher
University Vienna Urban Human (Austria)

10.01.2022, 19:00-20:30
The Integrated Urban Mobility Process: A Spanish Approach

Speaker: Prof. Dr. María Eugenia López Lambas
Technical University of Madrid (Spain)

24.01.2022, 19:00-20:30
Transport as Transformation: Media Theory and Transportation Studies

Speaker: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gabriele Schabacher
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (Germany)