Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Koch

The Chair of Intelligent Technical Design is concerned with the application of modern information and communication technology (ICT) during the design, the construction and the operation of civil infrastructure, such as buildings, bridges, tunnels, road and pipe networks. In this regard, we use methods of Building Information Modelling (BIM), Computer Vision and Machine Learning as well as Virtual and Augmented Reality to efficiently and sustainably inform decision makers. 

"Intelligent Technical Design refers to a design approach that utilizes advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, to optimize the design process and improve the performance, efficiency, and sustainability of building and infrastructure systems. It integrates data-driven insights, real-time performance monitoring, and machine learning algorithms into the design process to make informed decisions, automate manual processes, and reduce the risk of human error. The goal of Intelligent Technical Design is to create high-performing, sustainable, and efficient building and infrastructure systems." [ChatGPT, 2023]

Published: 16 July 2020

Support by certified eTutor

Since 16.07.2020 we are supported by our certified eTutor Seenam Sabahat.

The lockdown forced us to advance the digital teaching. This has also resulted in an increased time and effort for the chair of Intelligent Technical Design to prepare lectures and seminars. To support this increased demand, the Bauhaus-Universität has provided money for eTutors. This enabled student assistants to attend further education courses in order to subsequently support teachers in digital teaching. We also gratefully accepted this offer. Ms. Seenam Sabahat has successfully completed the further education as an eTutor and now supports us in the area of digital teaching by creating tutorials for students, preparing information about moodle for teachers and assisting in developing new concepts and ideas for digital teaching. More information about the eTutor program can be found here.

Our team includes Prof. Koch, Mrs. Engelbert, Mr. Wagner, and several research and student assistants.


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