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Published: 15 November 2023

Radio Talk at the Inauguration of the new Klanglabor

On 28th of November at 7:30pm the Filipino researcher and performer Anjeline de Dios is invited for a special Radio Talk: she will acoustically inaugurate the new "Klanglabor" studio at Marienstraße 5 with a sound journey.

In this radio talk, the singer and sound artist de Dios will present her practice, which she calls "sound massage" or "sound meditation". This is based on polyphonic vocal improvisations that focus on the contextual and spatial logics of listening: “I propose that this shift in focus can be productive when it allows us to think of sound and/as healing in terms of metaphor (description) and practice (action), hopefully leading us into deeper contact with healing as purposive, embodied, and in resonant dialogue with what is both deep within and way beyond our ordinary boundaries of self.”

Her contemporary and vocal meditation practice aims to absorb the atmosphere of a space and reflect it sonically. The instruments, techniques and frequencies used in de Dio's sound meditations vary greatly depending on the number of people, the composition of the group and the mood of the participants. Each sound journey is therefore completely unique. 

We have the honor of experiencing one of her meditations at the inauguration of the new sound laboratory - also an opportunity to physically experience and help shape the atmosphere in the new studio.

Following the sound journey, there will be an open discussion with the artist, in which she will also go into more detail about her practice.

Date: 28th of November 2023 

6:30pm - official Inauguration of Klanglabor

7:30pm -  “Sound as Metaphor and Practice of Healing” by Anjeline de Dios

Place: Klanglabor Marienstraße 5, 99423 Weimar

Anjeline de Dios is an artist, researcher, and teacher from Manila, Philippines. She has facilitated and performed in collaborative spaces of wellness, higher and alternative education, and contemporary sound art in the Philippines (Listening Biennial), Hong Kong (Lignan University), Germany  (Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, Haus der Kulturen der Welt) , and Indonesia (lifepatch, Damalung Blueprint) among others. Her self-reflexive approach to improvised chants distills her experiences as a classical/jazz singer, cultural geographer, and practitioner of meditation and sound art in order to explore collective spaces of inquiry and healing. Anjeline also publishes research on migration and cultural labor, and is the co-editor of The Elgar Handbook on the Geographies of Creativity (2020). She holds a PhD in Geography from the National University of Singapore (2015) and is a Fellow of the Goethe Institut Indonesien’s REFLEKT Residency, hosted by SAVVY Contemporary in Berlin (2023). more:

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