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Published: 30 April 2024

Radio Talk: " - Aspects of sound/landscapes and habitats" with Udo Noll

The first radio talk in the summer semester 2024 with Udo Noll is about his participatory radio art project "". The project encourages critical listening to live soundscapes - especially in relation to the ecological crisis. The soundscapes are curated by participants.

It is not only habitats and species that are increasingly disappearing, but also the associated sounds and noises, which have always made the networks of living things sensually tangible. The project deals with the acoustic dimension of changing habitats and natural conditions and works on an ability to perceive that combines factual knowledge and sensory cognition.

In order to increase and interweave knowledge and sensitivity to changing natural conditions, the project encourages critical listening to live soundscapes of natural places curated by participants in the project. In this context, nature refers to places with varying degrees of land use and degradation, from wild nature to agricultural, urban and industrial zones, where aspects of this anthropocene nature become audible.

In the radio talk, Udo Noll talks about the art of listening in times of ecological crisis and experimental radio as a mediating practice.

Location: Glass box of LIMONA

Time: 7 May 19:00

Udo Noll is a media artist and  photo engineer. He lives and works in Berlin and Cologne and is, among other things, the founder and developer of radio aporee, a platform for projects and practices in the fields of field recording, sound art and experimental radio. For a selection of works, exhibitions and projects, see:

This radio talk is jointly organised by the professorships "Experimental Radio" and "Acoustic Ecologies and Sound Studies". It is open to the public.

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