Modern Architectural Theory

Seminar (Bilingual de/eng) im Master/Diplom, 4 SWS | 6 ECTS

Along with postmodern criticism architectural theory witnessed an unprecedented popularity. A great number of anthologies and studies on the historical formation of this new discipline had been published ever since. Anyway, even today it is pretty unclear what is meant by this term. Moreover, we are confronted with competing conceptions and interpretations which scarcely allow for precise definitions. Yet, even today architects are aiming at an all-embracing framework, recently proclaimed by Patrick Schumacher in his widely discussed book „The Autopoiesis of Architecture“.

However, apart from already known explanations or contradictorary selfjustifications this class attempts a close reading of positions essential to a comprehensive understanding of modern architectural theory. It spans from canonical texts like Le Corbusier’s „Vers une architecture“ to contributions usually unknown in the realm of architecture like Frederick Kiesler’s theory of correalism. Departing from these and other sources this class allows for lively debates on the nature of architectural theory as it is and of course as it should be. Reading assignments will be announced on the website of the department „Theory and History of Modern Architecture“ by the beginning of the semester. Attendants are expected to prepare every single text provided for seminar discussions and may present their papers in german or english.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Jasper Cepl

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