Genius locomotionis

Seminar/Vorlesung Diplom/Master A, 4 SWS

In 1832 Père Prosper Enfantin declared that ”architecture as a theory of construction is an incomplete art: the notion of mobility, of movement, is lacking in it.” The present seminar attempts to formulate such a theory, which actually has been implicit in architecture since the days of Vitruvius. The seminar ahead contains brief excursions into German aesthetic theory from Winckelmann to Goethe, into vitalism and futurism, and into philosophy from Husserl to Merleau-Ponty and Deleuze. Topics discussed analogies between architecture and music or dance, the sensory modes of aesthetic perception and the role of the body in the experience of space. In order to take the speculation to a more concrete level, a number of architectural examples will be analyzed in detail, most of them out of the recent ten years.

In addition to attending the meetings and reading the texts provided by the instructor, participants will be required to make presentations and either submit a written essay or take a written examination.

Die Lehrveranstaltung wird in englischer Sprache abgehalten.


Vertretungsprofessor 2007-2010
Professor für Architekturtheorie an der TU Wien