We offer German courses in four different categories:

  1. Every student at the university regardless of their status (full-time, part-time or exchange student), can attend our German courses during the semester. The courses convene once a week with two or four SWS.

  2. We also offer 3-week intensive courses   during the lecture-free period.

  3. For international students who wish to study at a German university and have to meet certain language proficiency requirements, we offer preparatory intensive courses  ( 1 - 3 semesters). These conclude with the respective examination (e.g. DSH).

  4. Every year in September, we offer a course in the skills and techniques necessary to pass the DSH examination.

General information

There is a wide range of German courses during the lecture period of every semester. These courses are structured as follows: 

  • 180 min. of instruction (2 x 90 min. per week)
  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Taught at levels A 1 to C 1 (CEFR)

The goal of these courses is to provide students with the language skills necessary for mastering the challenges of daily life in Weimar and completing study tasks and university assignments. All of our courses conclude with an examination which assesses listening and reading comprehension, grammatical usage and writing skills. Oral communication skills are also graded.

Outside the lecture period, courses at all levels can also be attended as intensive courses in March and September.

Participation in a placement test is mandatory before entering the course system.

Target levelModules to be attended
A 1.11
A 1.21
A 2.11
A 1.11
B 14 (out of 5)
B 24 (out of 5)
C 14 (out of 5)

Credit Points

Students can receive 3 credit points (CP) if they regularly participate in a language course, attend at least 2/3of all sessions and pass the final examination.


The course fees are € 30 for students, € 45 for university employees and € 60 for guests.

Course system for German

Requirement for all courses

To enter the course system, it is necessary to participate in a placement test - either at the beginning of a semester or one of the intensive courses (March or September). 

After that no further placement test is necessary if all courses are attended regularly and successfully:


Last course attend at the Language 
Follow-up course
A 1.1A 1.2
A 1.2A 2.1
A 2.1A 2.2
A 2.2B 1.1
B 1.1B 1.2
B 1.2B 1Plus, 1st part
B 1Plus, 1st partB 1 Plus, 2nd part
B 1 Plus, 2nd partB 2 (4 B 2 modules need to be attended successfully to qualify for a B 2 certificate)
B 2C 1



Course dates 2018/19

11 - 29 March 2019 | 09 - 27 September 2019

Course Details

The courses run for three weeks and provide ca. 60 classroom hours. Classes take place from 9.00 - 12.30 am, but there may also be some classes from 1.30 -3.00 pm.

A placement test on the first day of the course is manadatory for all new students. Students who have passed last semester's German tests at the Language Centre in Weimar do not need to take the test again. All classes start on the second day of the course.

Course fee

Students: € 40 | Staff members: € 60 | Guests: € 80 (if places are still available)

The course is free of charge for exchange students at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and the College of Music ‘Franz Liszt’, who have just arrived in Weimar.


All courses end with a written exam on the last day of classes which tests listening and reading comprehension as well as writing skills. A 1 and A 2 level exams also include some grammar tasks. Oral communication skills are assessed during class.

Credit Points

Students can receive 4 credit points (CP) if they regularly participate in a language course, attend at least 45 hours of class and pass the final examination.

Click here to sign up online (Registration ended 31 December 2018)

Please note: The maximum number of participants has been reached. Everyone who signed up after 6 December 2018 was put on a waiting list. Notifications about free slots will be sent out in February 2019.



University Preparatory Language Courses

Each semester we offer university preparatory language courses, which can help students acquire the German skills necessary for university study. The courses are taught at three different levels and are structured successively. At the end of each course, we administer the respective language examination (Zertifikat Deutsch, Mittelstufenprüfung, DSH). The German Language Examination for University Admission of Foreign Applicants (DSH) fulfils the German language requirement for enrolment at university in Germany.

Students with (conditional) admission to the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar or the College of Music ‘Franz Liszt’ are given preferential consideration. If space allows, applicants from other universities and course auditors are permitted to attend these courses.

Course levels


Entry requirementsTarget level
Basic 1
(A 1 - A 2)
noneStart Deutsch (A 2)
(A 2 - B 1)
ca. 300 hours (A 2)Zertifikat DaF (B 1)
(B 1 - B 2)
ca. 600 hours (B 1)Mittelstufenprüfung (B 2)
(B 2 - C 1/2)
ca. 1.000 hours (B 2)Deutsche Sprachprüfung an Hochschulen (DSH)


Course fees

Summer semester 2019€ 1.250
Winter semester 2019/20€ 1.300

Application Deadline:

  • 31 January (summer semester) 
  • 31 July (winter semester) 
  • or for as long as places are available in the respective courses.

For more information and registration forms, please download and complete the following file. Please speak with our staff at the Administration Office to inquire if places are available BEFORE registering for a specific course. To register, please send us your registration form by mail, fax or post. You will find our address printed on the registration form.

--> Registration form for the summer semester 2019

--> Registration form for the winter semester 2019/2020



Intensive language course to prepare for the DSH examination

Every September the Language Centre offers a two-week intensive language course to help students prepare for the German Language Examination for University Admission of Foreign Applicants (DSH).

For more information and a sample test, click DAAD Language Certificatehere.

Course/Examination Registration:
We can send you a registration form by e-mail upon request.

Upcoming Courses

Duration: 04 - 15 September 2017
Fee: 50 €

Written examination: 18 September 2017
Oral examination:  20 September 2017
Examination fee: 50 €