Climate chamber and thermal manikin

Climate chamber: 

  • 3 x 3 x 2.44 m (L x W x H)
  • Each surface can be separately heated or cooled (4 walls, ceiling, floor)
  • Air system for both heating and cooling
  • Tracks on the ceiling to mount various sensors

Thermal manikin (nicknamed ‘Feelix’):

  • Simulates heat generation from the human body
  • Equipped with air pumps to simulate breathing

Particle Streak Tracking (PST):

  • Measures and visualizes airflow
  • Utilizes helium-filled soap bubbles
  • Pulsing LED light plane
  • High-resolution camera

Thermography camera:

  • 320 x 240 pixel
  • Wide-angle lens
  • Telephoto lens

Indoor environment sensors:

  • Air and surface temperature sensors (NTC, thermal couples)
  • Globe thermometers (with Pt100 elements)
  • Omni-directional hotwire anemometers
  • Bi-directional anemometers
  • Air humidity sensors
  • Heat flux plates

Tracer gas system:

  • INNOVA 1303 Doser & Sampler, INNOVA 1412 Photoacoustic Gas Monitor
  • Doses and samples Tracer gas from up to 6 Locations
  • Two Tracer gases can be used by using a second doser
  • Can measure the concentration of up to 5 gases plus water vapor
  • The dosing/sampling tubes can be up to 50m