Indoor Environmental Modeling


The module introduces the investigation and assessment of the indoor environment with focus on the simulation and validation aspects of this topic. The students will learn the fundamentals of the indoor environment, the methods of indoor environmental simulations and the empirical measurements requirred for the validation of the simulations. This module involves a group project in which the students begin with conducting empirical measurements at the laboratories of the Chair of Building Physics and move on the modelling these experiments using CFD. The simulations will be validated using the measurements. Through these tasks, the students will learn the necessary skills needed for scientific research, advanced simulation tools, scientific writing, presentation and teamwork.

A background in the fundamentals of numerical analysis, FEM, FVM or similar is recommended for participation.
Required examinationReport, presentation and oral examination


DocumentsCourse documents are available on the learning platform of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
FrequencyOnce a year in the summer semester

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