All students, employees and teaching staff at Thuringian universities and colleges receive accident insurance coverage by the Unfallkasse Thüringen on the following conditions as provided by the SGB VII:

  •  Students, at all official university sports events
  •  Personnel (employees and teaching staff), at all official university sports  events on the following conditions:
  1. The athletic activity should be appropriate for relieving work-related stress.
  2. The activity should take place on a regular basis.
  3. The majority of the participants should be members of the university.
  4. The sport must be officially offered and organized by the university.
  5. The times and durations of training must correspond to its remedial purpose for reducing work-related stress.                                                                

For civil servants, accidents can only be considered “job-related”, if the criteria above applies, as well as the following stipulation:

  •  The trainer’s course plan has to be approved beforehand and an attendance  list must be kept.

Although liability insurance is not mandatory for course participants, we highly recommend taking out a private liability insurance policy. For sporting events in foreign countries, participants should take their insurer’s European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with them.
Accident reports (available at the Administrative Office at the gymnasium) must be filed within three days and sent to the Studentenwerk (for Bauhaus-Universität/HfM students) or the Representative for Security Management at the Bauhaus-Universität/HfM (for employees).

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