From 14 to 17 July, the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar invited visitors to summaery2022. Under the thematic leadership of the Faculty of Media, the annual exhibition not only focused on the connection between faculties, subject cultures and individual projects, but this year also asked how, where and by whom knowledge is produced and how we as a society, as an institution, as individuals have dealt with uncertainties and unplannability in the past year.

"WHO KNOWS?" - This year's annual exhibition therefore posed the open and deliberately ambiguous question and tested initial answers in the form of artistic exhibitions, discussion rounds and insights into research projects.

More than 5,000 visitors accepted the invitation to explore the diverse places, practices and forms of knowledge together with teachers and students and to engage with the unpredictable. Studios, workrooms and seminar rooms became exhibition spaces and invited visitors to get to know projects from the current academic year from the four faculties. A total of 150 projects took part, which were exhibited and presented at 52 locations within the city of Weimar and the university.

The photographers Dominique Wollniok and Henry Sowinski accompanied the exhibitions and events of summaery2022 for four days. Enjoy browsing, looking and reliving!

To give a face to the deliberately ambiguous motto of this year's Annual Exhibition – this year Lena Haubner, alumna of Visual Communication at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, has taken on this challenging task. Her design concept relies on abstract characters that, when viewed from a distance, become a whole. Lena's tip for keeping an overview in uncertain times: »By changing the perspective, the supposedly incomprehensible often becomes meaningful«. Take Lena at her word and turn the summaery2022 poster upside down. There is a lot to discover – »Who knows?« or rather »Wer weiß?«.

Find out more about Lena Haubner in the following »» interview (in German)

Lena Haubner