If the admissions office assesses your application favourably, you will receive written notification of admission several weeks later with instructions on how to register (enrol). The first step is to transfer payment of the semester contribution to the university. When receipt of payment is verified and the other documents have been completed and returned, the university will send you a student ID card, called the “thoska” card. Upon receipt of the card, you are officially enrolled as a student of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.

All first-semester students are invited to a commencement ceremony at which the president of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar welcomes the newly enrolled students to the university. Visit “Events of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar” to get an impression of the enrolment ceremonies of previous years.

Checklist for new students

To help you start university life on the right foot, we provide a list of things you should do as quickly as possible so you don’t forget anything important at the beginning of your studies:


  • Have you obtained your curriculum, study regulations, examination regulations and other info material regarding your degree programme?
  • Do you know how to access information about lectures and seminars and sign up for modules using the BISON portal?
  • Have you noted the dates for upcoming introduction and orientation events?
  • Have you signed up for beginner seminars/practical sessions?
  • Have you noted the date and location for a language aptitude/language evaluation test (if required)?


  • Have you taken a tour of the faculty buildings, labs and workshops?
  • Have you taken a library tour?


  • Have you submitted your BaföG application?
  • Have you applied for a room in a student hall of residence?
  • Do you know where (or what newspapers to consult) to find a place to live?
  • Have you registered with the Resident Registration Office? Have you notified them if you’ve changed your address?
  • Have you noted the period for re-registering for next semester?
  • Do you have health insurance cover?

Sometimes teaming up with a new friend can make your start at university easier. There are many opportunities to make new friends – by taking part in the orientation week events at the beginning of the semester, meeting up at the dining hall, revising at the library, working at the computer centres or simply hanging out at student pubs and residence halls.

The University-Glossary contains an extensive list of important terms which you may encounter during your studies.

The Bauhaus-Universität Weimar also offers an extensive range of academic advising services. We can put you in contact with more experienced students or representatives of the faculty student councils who would be happy to help you anytime.