Projects and Theses


Interested students have the possibility to have a project or final thesis supervised by the Chair of Construction Engineering and Management in German or English, preferably on topics provided by the Chair. Final theses on own topics can also be supervised by the Chair. Students are always welcome to present project ideas. 

Topics of the chair

Bachelor's and master's theses or student research projects that fall into the areas listed below can be supervised by our Chair. The concrete contents of the respective thesis or project work will be defined together with the respective supervisors. 

  • Lean Construction
  • Performance Approaches in the HDD Process 
  • Building Information Modeling
  • Machine Readable Modeling Requirements
  • Automated Quality Control Planning

If you are interested, please contact the academic staff of the professorship after you have searched our Moodle room for suitable topics or have sufficiently narrowed down your own topic proposal.

Projects at the chair

The Chair of Construction Management and Methods offers projects in various Bachelor and Master programs:

  • Project - Technical and Economic Studies (MBB)
  • Study Project Construction (MBM)
  • Special Project (NHRE)
  • Project (DEM)

It is possible to enroll in the projects offered by our chair through the respective central project enrollment pools. Access to these is noted in the respective timetable of each study program.

Pointers and templates

Procedure for the assignment of theses

In general, the examination regulations of the faculty of civil engineering apply.

The chair decides on the allocation of topics. The work must predominantly concern contents of the teaching courses offered by the Chair of Construction Engineering and Management. Applicants for student research projects and master's theses should have in-depth knowledge of subjects related to construction management. 

The final papers must be related to subjects taught by the Chair of Construction Engineering and Management. Applicants should have passed at least some of the coureses offered by the chair. 

Subjects concerning interdisciplinary aspects are most welcome, but will be supervised by more than one chair.

As a rule, the first supervisor for theses is Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Melzner MBA. Please contact him first - preferably by e-mail - to arrange topics.

Please note that the assignment of topics is limited to one month prior to theses begin. Finalized and signed task definitions must be collected at the chair's administration office.

Scientific work

Methodical support as well as help for your research in scientific work can be found on our learning platform under Moodle.

Articles and videos on individual areas of scientific work are available for students. Independent learning contents include research, citation and formal aspects. Part of the online offer are also small self-tests. Access is open to all students via Moodle: