Sebastian Seiß M.Sc.

Research Assistant

Marienstraße 7a, Room 201
99423 Weimar

phone: +49 (0) 3643 / 58-4391
email: sebastian.seiss[at]


Construction process control

Students will have a holistic view of construction processes based on the systems approach, as well as the theoretical foundations necessary for this; they will have knowledge of the modeling of construction and material flow processes and the use of simulation for their efficient design.

Starting from a holistic view (systems approach), fundamentals are taught to be able to design construction production processes efficiently. After an introduction, the fundamentals of modeling technological processes are laid and deepened using examples and modeling tools.

Contents of the module:

  • Fundamentals of Production, technology and technological processes
  • Knowledge and application of process modelling,
  • Perform BIM use cases
  • Fundamentals of simulation of construction processes,
  • Application of simulation and optimization in construction operations

Construction operations, construction methods and occupational health and safety

Introduction to construction methods as well as machines and equipment for general earthwork, concrete construction, assembly construction and special construction tasks with presentation of the modes of operation as well as the calculation and costing approaches, as well as basics of construction site equipment.

Teaching of general basics for the preparation and design of construction processes: Special features of construction production; work preparation, quantity and cost calculation, effort and performance, presentation and control of processes; scheduling and scheduling control; the human being in the work process (ergonomic basics of construction operations), introduction to the basics of quality and ethics management.

Course-related evidence (as an exam admission requirement).

Integrated course (lectures + seminars).

Building in Existing Contexts

This module addresses teaching key topics regarding building in existing structures.


  • Development of a quality assurance system for the automated planning of quality controls in construction using Semanitc Web technologies. more
  • Use of information systems in construction processes. Particular focus on automating calculation, scheduling, measuring and billing based on rules.
  • Application of Semantic Web technologies to map building permit procedures.

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