Basics of Law

In the module, important legal contexts of the construction industry are taught.

Students will have knowledge of important legal contexts, the delineation of individual legal fields, the assessment of simple facts from corporate law and construction contract law in legal terms, the formulation of relevant questions to legal experts and the assessment of the complexity of technically oriented problems in relation to legal issues.

Essential focuses are:

  • Differentiation of the individual areas of law
  • Presentation of general legal principles
  • main features of the German Civil Code (BGB), especially general part
  • general law of obligations and typical contracts of obligations with a focus on construction contract law
  • Basic features of real estate law
  • Basic concepts of corporate law
  • Introduction to construction contract law
  • Teaching of the essentials of the VOB/B with reference to potential conflicts and on the basis of real case studies
  • First basics of legal project and contract management for complex construction and development projects.




In-class study:17
Independent study:20.5
Preparation for the exam:7.5
Examination mode:Written exam
Weighthing:100% written exam (50% partial mark module Basics of Law/ Building Law)
Course ECTS:1.5


  • Legal texts (BGB)
  • Lecture notes