Project and Disaster Management

This module is offered each winter semester for third-semester students from the Natural Hazards and Risks in Structural Engineering (NHRE) master's degree program. In this lecture, students learn about project management methods and their practical application. The students will gain knowledge of the social and technical aspects of construction project management. Moreover, the lecture will also cover various disaster management and control systems used in different countries and the sociology of disaster.

Content of the module:

  • Time scheduling techniques
  • Cost and resource planning
  • Special working techniques
  • Company and project organization
  • Documentation methods
  • Fees in construction management projects
  • Disaster management system in Germany
  • Disaster management system in different countries

Requirements for participation

RequiredUrban Sociology (3 ECTS)


In-class study:23
Independent study:52
Examination mode:Written exam and presentation
Weighthing:50 % exam, 50 % presentation
Course ECTS:3


Recommended Literature:

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