20th International Model Project Forum

Pre-Forum -  Student presentations - webbased
The Model Project Forum urban home box of IUDD students
OPENING 25.5. for offices, at home and anywhere else.

The forum box subsumes the reflective urban practice of 20 IUDD students reflecting the main project they worked on during their model project internship in winter 2019/2020 at distinguished companies and institutions.


Live Sessions
– webbased

Prof. Dr. Bernd Nentwig, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Introduction Reflective Urban Practice
Philippe Schmidt, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

9:20 - 10:30 Pitch Critique & Discussion I

Discussion and Feedback to student presentations on their reflective urban practice 
Model Project Partners and IUDD novice students comment and ask questions to the Model Project Students based on the pre-viewed presentations.

10:30 - 13:00 Forum Lectures by Model Project Partners

Partners contributing lectures to the Model Project Forum in Adobe Connect, followed by discussion 

Design Method Public Space,
Joyce van den Berg, Ruimte en Duurzaamheid (R&D), City of Amsterdam
Beyond Masterplanning, Enno Zuidema, MVRDV Rotterdam
Delta Urbanism, Anne Loes
Nillesen, Defacto Architecture & Urbanism, Rotterdam
Urban Development in medium-sized cities: the case of Fellbach, Ulrich Dilger,
City of Fellbach
13:00 – 14:00 Lunch break

14:00 - 16:30 Pitch Critique & Discussion II

Part I - ID

Integrated Development and Strategies 

ID 1Anna Gribatskaia (Russia)Blankenburger Süden: Collaborative Urban Planning
ID 2Eva Beham (Germany)Who owns the city?!
ID 3Maryam Paknafs (Iran)Towards A More Livable, Walkable and Bike-friendly City; Fellbach's New City Center
ID 4Darío Corral López (Mexico)The importance of low scale projects at a regional level.
ID 5Aishwarya Chila (India)Addressing urban & green gentrification challenges associated with the revitalization of an industrial riverfront project in Minneapolis
ID 6Yuqi Wang (China)Green Spaces – For a sustainable living environment

Part I - UM

Urban Metabolism– Approaches for Sustainability

UM 1Diellza Elshani (Kosovo)Cognitive Urban Design Computing
UM 2Anja Constien (Germany)HavenStad – Industrial Symbiosis as a circular Intervention
UM 3Anastasija Dukic (Serbia)Integral Design Method for Public Space
UM 4Subhashree Nath (India)Data Visualization as the key to Urban Transformation : Slum Atlas 2.0, Pune, India
UM 5Martina Benetollo (Italy)Ideas for innovation in rapidly growing urban contexts: an IBA in Africa
UM 6Natalia Kopeikina (Russia)Data has a better idea

Part I - UD

Urban Design

UD 1Bahar Amiri (Iran)The evolution of Shenzhen from rural village to large metropolis. The case of the Hengli international building, a project by gmp.
UD 2Artem Gilmanov (Russia)"How Much Land Does a Man Need?" Influence of Dutch urbanism in Russian urban development
UD 3Martin Oravec (Slovakia)Brownfield regeneration – a corporate campus typology
UD 4Julien Bitar (Libanon)Density and Block typologies
UD 5Luisa Correa (Brazil)Urban Modeling and Simulation applied to a Masterplan Development
UD 6Ekaterina Vititneva (Russia)WerkStadt Grasbrook: Parametric Masterplan for Grasbrook district, Hamburg
UD 7My Linh Nguyen Lam (Vietnam)Polycentric City Regions: The transformation of Urban Growth in Yantai, China