Students win award at EUROPAN 15!

Our students from the Master programme  Advanced Urbanism (IUDD) win runner up award with a metabolism-based planning proposal.



The runner up entry for the Europan 15 for a project in Borås, Sweden was won by Alexandra Kashina (RU), Husain Vaghjipurwala (IN), Johan Nilsson (SE) and collaborator Franziska Dehm (DE) with their entry Plugin to Produce.

With Plugin to Produce, the aim has been to derive a system where multiple metabolisms of the city can be introduced or subtracted when necessary. The important task here is to keep the citizens or the dwellers in control and aware of these metabolisms by merging the flows of knowledge into everyday life. Unfiltered, the productive city showcases - how a lively city is being consumed, inhabited and shaped. The project is located in the textile town of Borås and juxtaposes the above ideas into the post- industrial landscape of Gässlösa.

To know more about the proposal, please visit:

Johan is currently working as a tutor at the HafenCity University in Hamburg as well as in a private planning office. Husain is an architect, urbanist and writing his PhD at the Bauhaus-University Weimar. Alexandra is an architect, urbanist and urban planner and working in a private planning and architecture office in Nürnberg. They  studied Advanced Urbanism (IUDD) at the Bauhaus-University Weimar.