WS 2014/15

Gwendolyn Anouk Shirin Galedary
Coworking in Hamburg – A Complementary Concept for HafenCity Oberhafen?
(Erstgutachter: Prof. Nentwig)

Silja Loik
Empowering Rural Actors: The EU LEADER Approach in Estonia
(Erstgutachter: Prof. Schönig)

Peralvo Lupera, Andrés Esteban
A Selfmade City? Contribution of Bottom-up Projects to Urban Development.
Case Study Seville, Spain
(Erstgutachter: Prof. Welch Guerra)

Deipenbrock, Elisabeth
Periphery & Core
(Erstgutachter: Prof. Welch Guerra)

Neumann, Isabel
Starting from the makers –
a stakeholder perspective on interaction Environments
(Erstgutachter: Prof. Nentwig)

Balcioglu, Idil
An Exploratory Study on Sidewalks in Turkey –
Appropriation of Space on Tunali Hilmi Street
(Erstgutachter: Vertr. Prof. de Rudder)

Faheem, Farhaan Afsar
Lost identities –
The Impact of Western Urban Planning practices in Saudi Arabia
(Erstgutachter: Prof. Nentwig) 

Lohr, Patrick
The Power of Demography: Demise of Rurality?
(Erstgutachter: Prof. Eckardt)

Obaid, Mustafa Sahib
Behind the Blast Wall – Walls of Post-occupation Baghdad 
(Erstgutachter: Prof. Eckardt)

Howayek, Chaghaf
No Place Like a Refugee Camp – An Urban Approach to Refugee Camps –
A Case study of Al Zaatari Syrian Refugee Camp in Jordan
(Erstgutachter: Prof. Eckardt)

Kaban, Duygu
Executive Control in Public Spaces.
Gezi park as Case Study
(Erstgutachter: Prof. Eckardt) 

Singh, Rajat Ray
Ganj to Suburbs. Urban sprawls of Lucknow, Nord India
(Erstgutachter: Prof. Eckardt)

Garcia, Daniel Lisandro Garcia
Inherent Social Values inside Informal Urban Settlements –
Symbiosis between Dweller´s Culture and the Built Environment in
Shanghai´s Lilong
(Erstgutachter: Prof. Welch Guerra)

Zorlu, Togce
Impact of Symbolic urban Design Elements in the Creation of
mulit-cultural Public Spaces
(Erstgutachter: Prof. Eckardt)

Han, Xiaolin
Classical Chinese Gardens in Germany:
Translocation, Adaptation and Integration
(Erstgutachter: Prof. Eckardt)

Yacoub, Dani
Missed Opportunities: Using the ‘Quality of Life concept’
for urban revitalization, as exemplified by Nuremberg Southeast 
(Erstgutachter: Prof. Nentwig)

Mukovozova, Alexandra
Media Functions of Urban Public Space –
Historical Development and current state on the case of Moscow, Russia
(Erstgutachter: Prof. Eckardt)

Hitsuta, Momo
Shopping Landscape: Emergence of commercially oriented Public Space
under the Railway Business Model in the Case of Shibuya and Futako Tamagawa
(Erstgutachter: Vertr.-Prof. de Rudder)

Kirchberger, Nicole
Narratives as Instruments of Urban Development Politics:
the Case of Amsterdam
(Erstgutachter: Prof. Eckardt)

Agostini, Gaia
Urban Poverty and its impact of Urban Communities, New Spatial Trends in Shanghai and Social Implications in Housing
(Erstgutachter: Prof. Eckardt)