The Master's Programme »Advanced Urbanism« is a special programme of the study course »Integrated Urban Development and Design« (IUDD) and is operated in cooperation with the College for Architecture and Urban Planning (CAUP) at Tongji-University Shanghai since the year 2004. Numerous curricular and extracurricular activities offer a glimpse into the current discourse on urban issues in the respective country.

In 2014, both universities celebrated the 10 years of successful cooperation  in the joint degree programme.

The study programme Advanced Urbanism is a special programme in the Master's course »Integrated Urban Development and Design« (IUDD) where we train students to develop abilities that will encourage them to react to transformation processes that are typical for the beginning of the 21st century: Urban landscapes of dispersed character, global markets as well as global challenges in environment and society, virtual spaces, powerful actors in the construction business and postmodern lifestyles are raising new challenges for the spatial competences of planners and designers dedicated to larger scales but with a sense for detail.

Our programme is committed to define, analyse, include and streamline these diverse factors in the sense of Integrated Urban Development as an holistic approach, linked to urban design in metropolitan and rural-urban contexts. Advanced Urbanism offers a specific notion of current trends of urban and rural-urban development in the Chinese context of growing urbanization next to other German or international urban development contexts.

train in design, planning, scientific analysis and mediation;
become an urban curator, the competent and reflective expert of the urban realm  

graduates of architecture and landscape architecture, urban/regional/spatial planning, geography, civil engineering, urban and architectural sociology, environmental sciences and other disciplines relevant to the natural and built environment


  • international (English-taught degree; worldwide network for professional expierence)
  • interdisciplinary (combines urban design/planning, urban heritage, urban sociology, project management and spatial planning)
  • practice-oriented, research-based design 

4 semesters
(with the 3rd and 4th semesters spent at Tongji-University in Shanghai, China)

A handling fee of 1,000€ incurs for each semesters spent at the partnering university, i.e. a total of 2,000€ per student.

Besides these programme-specific handling fees you have to cover the general study fees and living expenses. Information on those costs as well as financing opportunities are explained in detail here. 

Additionally you have to consider possible costs for excursions and study trips as well as expenses you need to spend related to visa procedures.

Master of Science (M.Sc.) (double degree)