Becoming a Partner

We would like to invite your company, your institution, your agency to join an extraordinary initiative:
The Model Projects of the Master's Course »Integrated Urban Development and Design«. 1 

Our Vision

As we strive to initiate the transfer of knowledge between theory and practice by way of a mutually profitable exchange, we are looking for partners in the profession as well as in research institutions. We ask you to incorporate our early professionals into an advanced project which allows them to collaborate in all relevant phases. The model projects take place each year between the months of September and March for a duration of three to six months. All Model Projects are presented each year in the spring during the International Model Project Forum to an audience of students and professionals. The public forums at the Bauhaus-Universität are accompanied by the release of a publication documenting all Model Projects from to time.

A monthly remuneration of approximately 750.00 Euro per month is considered appropriate to the level of qualification the postgraduate students provide. A comparable compensation, i.e. providing accomodation, may account towards the remuneration deemed adequate.

What We Offer

The Model Projects of the Masters programme »Integrated Urban Development and Design« transcend a conventional internship by far to successful matches between master students and praxis partners. Aside from the qualification which our postgraduate students already possess and contribute to your institution, the following features may proof interesting to your organisation:

  1. Your organisation will become an official Project Partner of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar with our master study programme and as such part of a growing network of experts in practice-oriented research and the professional field.
  2. You will be invited to participate in the Model Project Forum, during which the Model Projects are publicly presented in a joint format of students and expert partners. (Travel costs can mostly be covered, we kindly ask to choose the most cost efficient means of transportation)
  3. The conference lasts for two days and offers you to enter an interdisciplinary dialogue with internationally reknwon experts, participating in the forum as moderators or as speaker.
  4. A portrait of your organisation is presented at the Model Project Forum.
  5. Past Model Project Forums were unanimously considered a great experience and success by guests and participants likewise and are a valuable contribution to bring together praxis and academia.

1) the Model Projects previously were part of the former Master programme 'European Urban Studies' from 10/1999-9/2018 and since its reaccreditation as master programme IUSS is continued from 10/2018 on is part of the bauhaus.ifex.

We would be happy to welcome you as a Model Project Partner and supporter of our master programme and the Bauhaus-University Weimar!

Interested to become a Model Project Partner?
Contact us:

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar 
Integrated Urban Development and Design (IUDD)
dipl.-ing. (FH) philippe schmidt M.Sc.
green:house, bauhausstrasse 9 c, room 203

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