International Model Projects

Traineeship programme in "Refletice Urban Practice" in the master's study course Integrated Urban Development and Design IUDD (M.Sc.)

The traineeship programme »Model Projects« offers an exceptional cross-border experience during the third semester of the Masters study course »Integrated Urban Development and Design« (M.Sc.). It is exclusively offered to students in the Study Programme »Reflective Urban Practice«  at Bauhaus.Institute for Experimental Architecture ifex (from 10/2018 on; before, they were part of the European Urban Studies)

With placements offered worldwide, the programme allows students to participate in advanced and interdisciplinary projects related to the urban realm. These projects are offered by our distinguished  Model Project partners in the private and public sectors as well as institutions of applied research. The Model Projects were established in 1999 as a special academic experience in urban praxis. 

Encouraging an international transfer of knowledge, "good practice" projects are presented at the annual International Model Project Forum in Weimar. This conference contributes to a deeper understanding of diverse challenges faced by current urban practices. What are the driving forces behind new projects? What are the chances and visionary perspectives of today’s projects for tomorrow’'s cities? And what specific requirements are articulated by urbanists in their concepts compared to other actors in the field?

In preparation of these collaborations, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and our Model Project partners agree on conditions, the observance of which is intended to ensure a successful collaboration and a rewarding experience of the Model Project for all parties involved. The following guidelines provide information on what is expected of students as well as what students can expect from their Model Project partners. 

Our annual International Model Project Forum is instrumental in furthering the transfer of knowledge within the disciplines comprising European Urban Studies.

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The IUDD programme maintains close contact to outstanding partners in the praxis of urban design, urban development, scientific institutions and administrative bodies. These so-called "Model Project Partners" provide an outstanding professional experience in urban practice to IUDD students - considered in the sense of a reflective urban practice.

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Become a partner for our international Model Projects in the Masters programme ( M.Sc.)  IUDD (Integrated Urban Development & Design)  - and be part of a global network of experts. 

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More on the guidelines regulating our Model Project traineeship programme.