Foto: "two red doors" (I Barry Hyman, 2001)

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Heike Büttner

Grundlagen des Entwerfens _ Basic and Advanced Studies in Philosophy and Practice of Architecture_ BA + MA

Designing architecture will be placed within an interdisciplinary discussion including aesthetic, social and constructive aspects. Attended by film, philosophy, literature and the fine arts the process of designing will evolve in a large context. The interdisciplinary approach via interpretation and analysis of the plan is understood as an „approximation towards an idea“.The path to a complexe quality of a designed space develops from the sketch and from there to construction. To find and to see, plus the basics of geometry and the development of applied spacial concepts are the main elements. The conception of imaginary rooms, combined with  the task to understand architecture in a social frame, are the conditions to work out spacial concepts implying possibly narrative elements or hinting to the poetic, rooted in the pecularity of a specific language of architecture. Regarding the complexity of the problems involved we have to find new ways of thinking differently and of introducing significant and sensible supplements, to be able to develop a repertoire evolving from the personal encounter with architecture. To teach and to practice design is an activity based on research and exploration. Including the newest results of theory and with regard to ecological necessities we would like to elaborate aspects of architecture as a work of art, recognizing its social responsibility.