Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Heike Büttner

Architekturpreis Berlin (Foto: Hermann Kiessling)

 "Seeing is forgetting the name of the thing one sees" Robert Irwin



was born in Essen in North Rhine-Westphalia. She began in Monterry, California the USA, with the construction and the architecture training phase by Prof. Kafka LTK in 1979. Studied architecture at the University of Aachen and the University of Technology Berlin 1979-1984, and graduated with a diplom degree as an architect, proofed by Prof. Dietmar Grötzebach. She first worked in 1984-1985 as a free architect with Kollhoff & Ovaska, Stirling & Wilford, Abraham and Gregotti. She was an office leader and project manager for Prof. Raimund Abraham NYC/ Berlin in 1985-1986, and built a dwelling- and business house in Berlin Friedrichstraße, for the International Building Exhibition IBA. Since 1986 she leads her own architect's office established in Berlin, project partnerships in Germany, Austria and the USA.The construction and urban development  projects were distinguished with national and international prizes. Awards: Otto Wagner Urban Development Prize, Austria, German Concrete Architecture Award, German Timber Construction Award, German Architecture Award Berlin.Whenever there was time she  participated in lectures of Prof. Klaus Heinrich and Prof. Hannes Böhringer at the Free University  Berlin and HbK Braunschweig; which made a big  impact on her work. The scientific and educational ability in teaching she obtained in 1986-1991 at the University of Arts Berlin and as a guestprofessor in Italy, Israel, Austria, the USA. In 1992-1995 she was appointed as a professor at the University of Munich, Chair of Urban Planning and Experimental Design. She is an engaged judge in national and international competitions, committee member Architecture Prize Berlin APB, board member Architect League Germany BDA, member of the German Architect Alliance and foundation member European Academy of Culture and Media. She worked with Catherine Ingraham, Diane Lewis, Doris Thut, Chaz Pigott, Pellegrino d'Arcieno, Kenneth Frampton, Raimund Abraham, Liuigi Snozzi, Giancarlo di Carlo, Peter Smithson, Kevine Bone, Guido Zuliani, formed enriching and amicable relations. Since 1995 she leads as a professor the chair of Grundlagen des Entwerfens, Basic and Advanced Studies in Philosophy and Practice of Architecture, at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the Bauhaus- University Weimar BUW. Since 1985 she lives with her husband Barry Hyman, Master of Fine Arts, in NYC, Berlin, Munich and Weimar.