DIY Microscopy

Fakultät: Medien, Studiengang: Medienkunst / Mediengestaltung (M.F.A.)

Do-it-yourself microscopy has proven to be a perfect medium for dipping into a couple of key concepts, fundamental methods and relevant discourses with new media students. In my class at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar during the winter term 2012/2013 the given task was to build a cheap (affordable would be an understatement) microscope. The task also included using this microscope subsequently for an artistic project. While we were building it we got exposure to other subjects which were necessarily on the path to our goal (and are applicable for many other tasks in different contexts). We learn to deconstruct technology, to think about how it works and let our explorative curiosity win over the fear of breaking something.

We got into soldering, tinkered with the electronics and hacked the cheap hardware, adapting it to our needs. We made sketches and drafted scale models from cardboard, meanwhile discussing construction principles and mechanics. We created digital models in 3D and used various tools in the workshop – including rapid prototyping and digital fabrication devices like the laser cutter and the 3D-printer – to build individual designs.


Adriana Muñoz Origel
Amel Ali-Bey
Brian Bixby
Cathleen Göhring
Christian Hellmann
Han Kim
Jakob Gomoll
Manuel Janke
Maria Hagan
Nils Andersen


Max Neupert

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