Hospital Maršala Tita

Fakultät: Gestaltung, Studiengang: Public Art and New Artistic Strategies (M.F.A.)

During the more than 2-week stay in Mostar I was strongly impressed by the current situation on both sides along River Neretva. It is a paradise of the damned, city of the lost. Behind such scenic beauty there are full of “traps” of historical and political contexts, in their mind there is a distinct world on the other bank of the river. People are without desire of mutual understanding and strengthen contacts; they are stuck in the moment and unable to escape. Whenever I passed the crumbling ruins along the Street Maršala Tita, I could see the ruins along the street. I always felt that they are not died. They were just cannot afford to bear more burden of time and went in a deep dream. I touched the wall, and I felt the pulse, low, but still active. Suddenly I dropped into the role of a doctor. The miracle of return alive will never disappear; life of an era is tenacious. Till then I started to think about a process of “sustain their lives” through a simple medical measurement, and to show their traces of being alive. This process consists of two separate but inter-related parts: a performance of giving infusion and an installation of ECG device. My introverted personality offered me a special mental state that I could walk into my inner space, I imagined Street Maršala Tita as an open-air hospital, and everything was guided by a perceptual process of spiritual communication.


Yu Gao


Yu Gao

Art der Präsentation



Marienstraße 15b - Mensa am Park



Dieses Projekt nimmt am Bauhaus Essentials 2013 / GRAFE-Kreativpreis teil.

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