Fakultät: Gestaltung, Studiengang: Visuelle Kommunikation (B.F.A.)

For their final projects, students in this course were challenged to develop a response, whether individually or in groups, to the questions ‘What is a magazine?’ and/or ‘What is the future of magazines?’ Students were encouraged to work with whatever medium or format (not necessarily a magazine) best expressed their thinking. The results, thought-provoking and diverse, will be presented in a series of rooms (including bathrooms) on the ground and first floors of M18. We chose this space in acknowledgement of the close connection between coffee shops and magazines, particularly in 18th-Century London. The cafe section of M18 will double as a reading room featuring magazines and magazine proposals. In another area, students will make a ‘spontaneous’ magazine in real time. Some projects, including a customizable magazine and a three-dimensional magazine, will encourage visitors to interact. We hope this interaction continues at the barbecue we have planned for Friday evening, 19:00 to 23:00, in the M18 backyard — please join us.


Beck, Lukas
Behlau, Ulrike
Borsche, Jana Katharina
Bräunlich, Florian
Cayuela Muñoz, Ana
Denison, Matthew
Di Bella, Luigi
Egle, Felix
Fariborz, Farid
Fekkes, Amy
Frey, Astrid
Gräf, Maik
Hannebohn, Lisa
Hartmann, Richard
Hawary, Mallak
Herholz, Maria
Hölperl, Erik
Hüttler, Katharina
Jakobi, Elisabeth
Jasch, Lisa
Leisch, Kathrin
Liebau, Anna
Livingston, Patricia
Marx, Anne
McLay, Jazmine
Neuner, Lena
Nguyen, Melinda
Perez, Julian
Potschinski, Lina
Pötschke, Enno
Schaetz, Nadja
Schulze, Kristin
Schuchardt, Martin
Seidl, Ramona
Weigel, Ferdinand
Zhang, Skye
Zhang, Yizhi


Gastwissenschaftler Alex Marashian

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Marienstrasse 18

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12.07. | 19:00 bis 12.07. | 23:00

Barbecue in the M18 backyard.