The Unseen City

Fakultät: Architektur, Studiengang: Advanced Urbanism (M.Sc.)

Does the seen in the city of Weimar go only as far as to Goethe, Schiller and the Bauhaus? Furthermore, does this preferred image of Weimar overshadow other urban activities, and what is the nature of this interplay? This exhibition will display students' final design proposals for the unseen structures in Weimar, among which are the underground mosque, red light district, homelessness and the underground water canals. The projects are set to reflect and challenge current power constellations in the urban structure of Weimar, and aim to provoke a discussion on the broader topic of the unseen in the city.

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Tutors: Sandra Schindlauer Dipl. Geogr., Ossama Hegazy M.A., Alexandra Camara M.Sc., Andrea Varriale M.Sc., Zinovia Foka Dipl. Ing., Srdjan Mandic Dipl. Ing., Younkyoung Sung M.Sc., Gall Podlaszewski M.Sc.

Students: Georgia Voradaki, Ingrida Silickaite, Chaoyi Chen, Liang Chen, Livia-Andreea Zama, Daniel Stilwell, Rongli Lu, Liang Li, Monica Giovaniello, Elisabetta Zecca, Carlos Roca, Sofia Coutsoucos, Xin Chen, Xin Jiang, Xiao Zhang, Xu Xingjing, Soo Jin Im, Yali Zhang, Svobodova Lucie, Prylova Simona, Richard King, Richard Moreta, Nooshin Saeedi, Seçkin Çopur


Prof. Dr. Fank Eckardt

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Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 8 - Hauptgebäude


Korridor 1. OG linker Flügel vor 105

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