Beyond Sparkles - Light / Objects / Spaces & Places

Fakultät: Gestaltung, Studiengang: Produkt-Design / Nachhaltige Produktkulturen (M.F.A.)

Light is the medium of visual perception and has a profound influence on how we interact with the world. Human beings receive up to 90% of their information about the world visually. Without light there would only be darkness. Light can guide us, light can influence our mood. But the effects of light do not stop there. Light also has significant effects on our health, our general well-being and our overall performance. Light is a fascinating medium to interact with.

The participants have designed and developed ideas, concepts and prototypes for innovative lighting solutions, interactions, products and applications in one or several in the context of salutogenic light, atmosphere & light, and light for architecture & urban fields.

The project is conducted in cooperation with:
Prof. Jens Gelhaar / Faculty of Media
Kevin Lefeuvre, MFA, Product Design
Dr. Georg Puchner & Dipl. Ing. Carolin Muss / Swareflex GmbH


Sylvia Debit
Mariam Giguashvili
Lisa Hoffmann
Iva Kolundzija
Francesca Toso
Philippe van Aerde
Anniek Vetter
Fabian Wolff
Paul Zumbrinck


Prof. Wolfgang Sattler / Kristian Gohlke M.Sc.

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