Cycling Society

Fakultät: Medien, Studiengang: Medienkunst / Mediengestaltung (M.F.A.)

The refashioning of Germany's youth and elderly demographic trend is manifested in
"Cycling Society", a cycle of loops within loops. The major milestones in which we all go through (i.e. from new born to adolescence and right through to elderly age and to death) is illustrated through the animated photo imagery in fragments of the infinity symbol, thus beholding its infinite cycle. Each phase demonstrates and covers three distinctive eras - 1950-1960, 2000-2010, and 2060. Cycling Society aims to visually project not only the significant milestones in an average person's life but also display at which age group life can be profoundly influential, and at that, the size of the age groups in the cycles varies accordingly to the different eras.


Cycling Society is a collaborated project by Nils Andersen and Sabina Kim.


Aline Helmcke, Prof. Dr. phil. Walter Bauer-Wabnegg

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