Fakultät: Gestaltung, Studiengang: Public Art and New Artistic Strategies (M.F.A.)

During the past two semesters, students of the international MFA program „Public Art and New Artistic Strategies“ focused on the historical, political, social and cultural issues affecting public space and our ability to act within it. In (UN)Disciplined Body, students asked how it is possible to use a listed public monument, such as the former SED-Party training school in Erfurt, as a stage for artistic interventions. In City Lab Mostar, students explored the divided city of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovinia and responded to the context of a city reconstructing itself, physically as well as culturally and socially.
This program of events offers a glimpse into the pratice of working in public space, as well as the chance to see examples of the completed works.

Sarah Mac Keever

Thursday, July 11, 22 Uhr
Courtyard, Bauhaus-Universität Library

CODE is a site-specific artistic translation of the Bauhaus Universitätsbibliothek using Vertical Dance, Visual and Vocals in an international collaboration between Ireland, Scotland, Latvia and Germany.


Sarah Mac Keever


Prof. Danica Dakić, Monica Sheets und Anke Hannemann (Künstlerische Mitarbeiterinnen), Dr. Boris Buden, Jirka Reichmann (Koordinatorin des MFA)

Art der Präsentation



Steubenstraße 6 - Universitätsbibliothek


Hof, Universitätsbibliothek

Dieses Projekt nimmt am Bauhaus Essentials 2013 / GRAFE-Kreativpreis teil.

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11.07. | 22:00 bis 11.07. | 23:00

CODE - Performance