Schoolhouse in Burgenland

Fakultät: Architektur, Studiengang: Architektur (M.Sc.)

"It is an undisputed fact that in the course of the twentieth century society and school changed in fundamental ways. At the century‘s beginning the school was essentially concerned with the transmission of basic cultural techniques (reading, writing, arithmetic) and the inculcation of discipline and obedience. Today, pupils are supposed to be - and want to be - enabled to relate appropriately to the challenges of the present and the future. Along with their pedagogical goals, the framework conditions and the methods of teaching and learning have also changed fundamentally. This has repercussions for the space that school require."

Adrian Scheidegger: How Much Space Do Schools Need? In: School Buildings. The State of Affairs. 2004

By designing a schoolhouse in the Austrian Burgenland the spacial requirements of today‘s school should be analysed. Burgenland has been selected as a field for the design research. On account of its geographical proximity to Vienna, Bratislava, Györ and Graz it offers great potential in terms of expanding existing village structures and further developing traditional typologies.


Chuh Natalie / Cocca Eugenio / Colle Olivia / Elawad Aprar / Fuchs János / Gao Teng / Gassner Anna / Habermann Clemens / Hajek Jan / Hartmann Elisa / McNeill Lewis / Morales Elena / Noriega Lara / Perusini Francesca / Polster Ken / Seewald Julia /Seidel Maria / Sheils Fiona / Stinchcomb Alexander / Thomson Andrew / Truschzinski Angela / Unger Adriaen / Weißinger Tilmann / Wensien Jenny / Werner Frederike / Zhang Weijia


Prof. Karl-Heinz Schmitz, Dipl.Ing. Nicolas Geißendörfer, MSc Leopold Mücke

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