Literatur und die Stadt

Fakultät: Architektur, Studiengang: Architektur (M.Sc.)

„Throughout history, and across many different countries, cultures and ethnicities, there have been many different forms of spaces where writers have gathered together, amongst themselves and with their readers and listeners for many different purposes. The sort of spaces and their uses vary enormously from the Stoa of Ancient Greece, a type of covered market walkway, where philosophers and writers held forth in public, to the habits of the Gaelic poets of Scotland, who were supposed to compose poetry while lying alone on a beach under an upturned rowing boat (think here about the reputed model for the Parliament of Scotland). A modern day Literary Institute might need similar types of spaces (such as the Salon, the coffee house, the Library or the Pub). Somewhere to read in public before an audience, somewhere for quiet study; a place for arguing and promoting campaigns and manifestos; a place where legal, contractual and copyright information and advice can be obtained; a place to meet with a few colleagues and friends for discussion or for help; a café or bar to relieve the feeling of isolation; a place to isolate oneself from distractions, a library...”

Johnny Rodger


Hund Friederike / Klose Frances / Lencewicz Dariusz / Liang Susu / Liu Ran / Ma Pengchao / Maier Heiko / Margiani Alice / Moritz Janin / Nguyen Minh / Pirschel Fanny / Schendel Sylvia / Svirski Anastasia / Valentin Carina / Wang Xinmeng / Wendlandt Christian


Prof. Karl-Heinz Schmitz, Dipl.Ing. Nicolas Geißendörfer, MSc Leopold Mücke

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