summaery2022: Projects

300m of Science - Transform a hidden university into a Science Mile

Project information

submitted by
Alexander Benz

Bekzod Abdullojonov, Constanza Barra, Ludmila Holikova, Virginia Mancarella, Rasheed Qart, Paul Veit

Moritz Pollack, Alexander Benz, Conrad Völker

Architecture and Urbanism,
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Degree programme:
Architecture (Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)),
Architecture (Master of Science (M.Sc.))

Type of project presentation

Summer semester 2022

Exhibition Location / Event Location
  • Coudraystraße 4 - CIB
  • Coudraystraße 4 - CIB

attractive to children

Project description

With its numerous institutes (e.g. Finger Institute for Building Materials, MFPA, WBA), Coudraystraße is the area of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar with the highest research and third party funding. The street is currently predominantly characterized by office buildings. In the future this area shall to be characterized in the future by a campus feeling, sustainability and accessible test stands or exhibitions. This should not only enhance the location, but also strengthen its central role in the research and teaching landscape.

During this summer semester, the student project is working on a concept for the site development of Coudraystraße. For the development of a reliable concept, the students will be supervised by the Chair of Building Physics. To implement an interdisciplinary sustainable design, the student project is in close exchange with the professorships of urban planning as well as presentation methodology (department MediaArchitecture).

The international network of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar is also reflected in the composition of the student project: Six students from six nations are working together on concepts for a sustainable campus. Thus, the concepts presented at the Summaery are also characterized by these international and diverse backgrounds of the students.

During the Summaery, the presentation of the project results will take place in the form of posters as well as with a city model.