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RE:INTRODUCING – Der Sensorische Raum

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Rosa Rump

Frieda Helene Fischer, Leonhard Kaiser, Rosa Charlotte Rump, Ava Christien Sommerfeld, Paul Weck

Prof. Wolfgang Kissel, Friederike Kempter, Max Merkel, Martin Schmidt, Frederik Sukop, außerdem, Tobias Kühn, Georg Müller, Ioannis Maximilian Rabanus Oriwol, Leon Quinten Thiebes

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Summer semester 2022

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    (Steubenstraße 30)
  • Steubenstraße 30

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As part of the seminar "Party 101", two pop-up events of diverse character are planned during the week of Summaery, which will unite the campus and the perspectives of us students, with those of the participants of the city events. The events will take place in downtown Weimar to bring the university to the outside world and open the academy bubble.

-The Summaery 2022 of the Bauhaus University becomes part of the urban structure of Weimar. As an unused commercial space of the city center, the store area of a former pharmacy becomes a sensory space. This invites passers-by to confront it and perceive it with all their senses. The space offers a retreat from the sensory overload of a digitalized environment and exhibits artistic works that deal with the topic of sensory perception in a variety of ways. Location: Steubenstraße 30.

Email: rosa.charlotte.rump[at]

Exhibition Location / Event Location


Der Sensorische Raum RE:INTRODUCING – Der Sensorische Raum

Friday: Vernissage from 18-22h. Saturday: exhibition from 12-22, from 22-02 party. Sunday: exhibition and culinary catering from 15-22. ...Live performances and DJ sets will take place on all days.

  • Begin: 18:00 pm
  • End: 22:00 pm
  • Location: Steubenstraße 30 in der ehemaligen Theater Apotheke.