Acquisition of Bidirectional Texture Functions

Autor: Banafsheh Azari
Betreuer: Prof. Dr. Charles A. Wüthrich


Creating photo realistic images from read word complex materials is one of the main goals in computer graphics. Characteristic surface reflectance of material, such as glossy or specular highlights, anisotropy or retro-reflection defining the unique look-and-feel of a material arise the difficulty of synthesizing. This problem can be solved by using Bidirectional Texture Functions (BTFs), a 2D texture under various light and view direction. But the acquisition of Bidirectional Texture Function requires an expensive setup and the measurement process is very time-consuming the directional dependent parameter (light- and view direction) has to be controlled very accurately.

This study aims to present a new technique for the acquisition of the Bidirectional Texture Functions. The main idea of this approach is to reduce the cost of the device production without decreasing the quality of the acquired data. For the optical acquisition of anisotropic materials a new device with stepper motor controlled digital cameras and LED lights has been proposed. The system allows acquiring images of a material from all possible angles of illumination and camera perspective. The new device cuts cost of such acquisition by a factor of hundreds since it uses the shelf components, and with this equipment we will be able to capture the appearance of anisotropic materials with high quality.