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Fundamentals of Imaging


In Computer Graphics, and also in Image processing and in Design, professionals are used to speak about "better" or "worse" quality for pictures. Contrary to popular belief, however, there is no general method for analyzing the quality of picture. The course will start with a wide introduction to light transport and reflection theory, continue with a trip through digital and analogue image capture and reproduction and a survey of image compression methods. In its last part the course will focus on methods for evaluating the quality of pictures and of animated sequences, revealing advantages and disadvantages of different display and printing techniques and of the different compression methods.


  • Zhou, W and Bovik, A.C., Image Quality Assessment, Morgan and Claypool
  • Hsien-Che Lee, Fundamentals of Color Imaging, Cambridge University Press

Summer Term 2019

Lecture: Every Tuesday 13:30 bis 15:00 | Karl-Haußknecht-Straße 7 - Hörsaal (IT-AP) | Start: 16.04.2019

Exercise: Every Friday 11:00 bis 12:30 | Karl-Haußknecht-Straße 7 - Hörsaal (IT-AP) | Start: 19.04.2019



Light and Radiometry

Human vision + Photometry + Colorimetry

Colour Spaces

Image composition

Geometrical optics


Capture devices analog


Capture devices digital

A short trip through Image Quality Analysis