Survey report: PPP in the public real estate sector

Project name:

Analysis of basic conditions for Public Private Partnership (PPP) measures in the public real estate sector. Including an approach to solve the problem, the conception of economic feasibility studies of alternative realization types and finally the conception of a guideline as well as the development of a general layout and tasks for a PPP competence center


Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Housing (BMVBW)

Time period:


Project description:


  • First experience with PPP-projects in Germany are made
  • Several initiatives and discussion groups on the federal, state and municipal level are active
  • Clarification of outstanding questions and issues to achieve a wide acceptance and general understanding of PPP-models is aimed


  • Evaluation and analysis of the given information concerning PPP-examples
  • Characterization of PPP-models in Germany
  • Gathering and structuring of public requirements and conception of solutions for overcoming restraints concerning PPP-measures
  • Development of a guideline incl. economic feasibility study
  • Layout of structures and definition of tasks of a scheduled PPP competence center

The five volumes of the survey report are downloadable at the following links:

Contact: Prof. Dr. Hans Wilhelm Alfen, Dr. Katrin Fischer