Master Management [Construction Real Estate Infrastructure]


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The programme in Management [Construction  Real Estate  Infrastructure] integrates the point-of-view and thought process of architects, civil engineers, businessmen and lawyers. In doing so it covers the critical interaction which is so important for successful management. It aims to achieve its goal through course content and teaching methods that are concerned with the future building industry markets in construction, real estate and infrastructure. The programme builds upon the academic knowledge of all integrated disciplines and orients itself on the many years of practical experience of the professors and other lecturers so as to prepare its students to meet the future demands of their fields of interest. The programme promotes networked business thinking and behavior as well as social competence, competence in communication and appropriate conduct skills.

In the four semester Master's programme in Management [Construction  Real Estate  Infrastructure], students are given the oppurtunity to choose their own area of specialisation by choosing a combination out of the offered modules. Our department offers various lectures as well as the possibility to successfully complete the Master's thesis.

At the moment there are two different sets of regulations for study:
MBB - up to Matrikel 2005
MBB - from Matrikel 2006
Here you will find the regulations.

You can get information about the requirements, the admission procedure, the study process and the differnet courses on the following page: Fakultät Bauingenieurwesen.