Teaching Structure

The main emphasis in the artistic training is placed upon the individual student work. The Project module is therefore the core of the teaching concept. The complex semester project, often in collaboration with a partner institution, addresses one of the three main themes of the MFA program

  • Art, Architecture, and History
  • Art Society and Public Space
  • Situations, Interventions und New Artistic Strategies   

Each student realizes a work for public space. This process is accompanied by the teachers in the studio project. The Academic module meets weekly and builds the forum for theoretical debate in which professors, staff and guest lecturers illuminate the theoretical content in alternating theory blocks. The students regularly present the results of their work in the critique session.

Inter-faculty classes are specially developed for the program; these classes impart relevant skills through fachcourses and workshops in handcraft, technology and professionalization.

Excursions accompany the respective study content.

At the beginning of their studies, the students seek a professor who will personally guide them. This professor, as mentor, meets regularly with the student in order to discuss the work in progress. The mentor is, in most cases, one of the examiners on the student´s MFA thesis committee.

The winter semester starts at the beginning of October and ends in February and the summer semester is from April until the middle of July.