Prof. Danica Dakić

Head and Spokesperson of the Programme

Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 7, room HP07
99423 Weimar

phone: +49(0)3643 / 58 30 06
fax: +49(0)3643 / 58 33 93
e-mail: danica.dakic[at]

Danica Dakić has been Spokesperson and professor of the international Master degree programme »Public Art and New Artistic Strategies/Kunst im öffentlichen Raum und neue künstlerische Strategien« (M. F. A.) since 2011 at Faculty of Art and Design, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.

Danica Dakić’s (*1962, Sarajevo) artistic works include video, film, photography, performance and installation. The artist works with performative and participatory processes to question cultural memory and identity, language and (art) history in its constant change. With her artistic work, she creates a stage in which her own individual narratives can be developed beyond political, social or economic conditions. Her projects are often based on lengthly production processes and an intensive collaboration with the actors.

Dakić has participated in numerous group exhibitions including documenta 12 (2007), Istanbul Biennial (2003 and 2009), Biennale of Sydney (2010), Liverpool Biennial (2010), Kiev Biennale (2012), Marseille-Provence / European Capital of Culture ( 2013), São Paulo Biennial (2014) and Cuenca Biennial (2016/2017).

Solo exhibitions have been held at Lehmbruck Museum Duisburg (2017), Museum of Modern Art, Frankfurt am Main (2013), Hammer Museum, Los Angeles (2011), Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb (2010), the Generali Foundation, Vienna (2010) and at Kunsthalle Dusseldorf (2009), among others.

She is a founding member of the Council for Cultural Education, started in 2012.

She lives in Düsseldorf and Weimar, Germany.

Portrait Boris Buden

Dr. Boris Buden

Associate professor History and Theory of Art

and researcher in the MFA-Programme
»Public Art and New Artistic Strategies«

Marienstraße 14, Zi. 228, 99423 Weimar

Phone: +49(0)3643 / 58 33 92
Fax: +49(0)3643 / 58 33 93
E-Mail: boris.buden[at]


Boris Buden is a writer and cultural critic based in Berlin. He received his PhD in cultural theory from Humboldt University in Berlin. In the 1990s he was editor of the magazine Arkzin in Zagreb.

His essays and articles cover the topics of philosophy, politics, cultural and art criticism. He has participated in various conferences and art projects in Western and Eastern Europe, Asia and USA, including Documenta XI.
Buden is permanent fellow of European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies in Vienna.

Buden is co-editor and author of several books, including Der Schacht von Babel, Berlin (2004), Zone des Übergangs, Frankfurt/Main (2009), Transition to Nowhere, Berlin (2019) etc.

He is currently Associate professor for History and Theory of Art at the Faculty of Art and Design, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.

©André Matthei

Artistic Associate and Lecturer
of the MFA-Programme »Public Art and New Artistic Strategies«

Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 7,
room 111, 99423 Weimar

phone +49(0)3643 / 58 32 10
fax +49(0)3643 / 58 33 93
email: ina.weise[at]

Office Hours:
by appointment via email

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Ina Weise was born in 1985 in Dresden, Germany. She studied Design at the Academy of Applied Arts in Schneeberg, Germany. After extended study periods abroad in Linz, Austria, Łódź, Poland and in Chicago, US she graduated with a Masters degree in “Public Art and New Artistic Strategies” at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar in 2014. Weise’s works include site-specific performances and temporary interventions in public space. She is currently working as Artistic Associate and Lecturer of the international MFA-Program “Public Art and New Artistic Strategies” at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and as freelance curatorial assistant at Kunsthaus Dresden – Municipal Gallery for Contemporary Art.


  • Project funding/Projektförderung Landeshauptstadt Dresden, Amt für Kultur und Denkmalschutz 2020
  • Project funding by/Projektförderung durch Bezirkskulturfonds Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg I Stadt Berlin 2019
  • Supported by/Gefördert durch Frauenförderfonds | Bauhaus-Universität Weimar 2015, 2019, 2020
  • Supported by/Gefördert durch Kreativfonds | Bauhaus-Universität Weimar 2014, 2015, 2019, 2020
  • Scholarship of the International Dresden Summer Academy for Visual Arts 2014
  • Supported by/Gefördert durch Kreativfonds der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar 2014
  • Scholarship holder of the Sponsoring Association of Bauhaus-Universität Weimar / Stipendiatin des Vereins zur Förderung von Studierenden der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar 2013/14
  • Fulbright Travel Grant/Reisestipendium 2013

Exhibitions (Selection)

Citizen an Activity, Edel Extra e.V., Nürnberg
Mit Kunst bauen. Kunst am Bau – Praxis in Sachsen, Zentrum für Baukultur Sachsen, Dresden
Localize – Festival für Stadt, Kultur und Kunst in Potsdam
ZZZNACKS, Publikationsprojekt im öffentlichen Raum, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
VEE Froh Ussicht, Samstagern, Switzerland
Jury Transformale – Kunst im Öffentlichen Raum Potsdam
1. Preis Steintor Hannover, Freiraumplanerischer Wettbewerb/Kunst im öffentlichen Raum, Landeshauptstadt Hannover. In Zusammenarbeit mit GRIEGER/HARZER Landschaftsarchitekten, Berlin

DOGO TOTALE, Rathaus für Kultur, Lichtensteig (CH)
DEHEIMATIZE IT! 4. Berliner Herbstsalon, Maxim Gorki Theater
1. Preis Wettbewerb Kunst im öffentlichen Raum “Neue Stadteilidentität Rathauspark Löbtau” Dresden in Collaboration with Marcus Große
DOGO Residenz Für Neue Kunst, two months residency in Lichtensteig, Switzerland
ADD TO THE CAKE: Transforming the roles of female practitioners, Kunstgewerbemuseum Pillnitz Palace
GIENNALE Gießen public performance in collaboration with artist Marcus Große
MIND PALACES: Is there society after society? Screening of AHOI*, Bauhaus-Museum Weimar

Home Sick Home, 2-monatige Künstler*innen-Residency, Espenhain/Rötha in Saxony
Alternative Fakten, Museum Altes Gymnasium, Schweinfurt
K[]NESH SPACE, public intervention at Goldsmiths University of London
Zukunftsvisionen, Festival of Contemporary Arts Görlitz

3. Berliner Herbstsalon, Maxim Gorki Theater, Kronprinzenpalais, Berlin
Asphalt Festival Stadtkämmerei, Düsseldorf
die Wirklichkeit, das Zebra, LINIE 08, Choreography: Magdalena Weniger, Festspielhaus Hellerau – Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Dresden
MORE IS MORE, exhibition in collaboration with Paloma Sanchez-Palencia, C.Rockefeller Center for the Contemporary Arts, Dresden
(Un)Sounds of Buchenwald, group exhibition, Buchenwald Memorial Weimar and Momentum, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin

Europe under Construction / Baustelle Europa, group exhibition Kunsthaus Dresden
You Say Art I Say What, group exhibition Stiftung Mercator und Rat für kulturelle Bildung, Projektzentrum Berlin
Paradise WOW, group exhibition with FREIZEIT, Asian Contemporary Art Platform NON Berlin

Imaginary Bauhaus Museum, 2. Berliner Herbstsalon, Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin
Fabulous Jakobsplan Kunstfest Weimar
There is an exhibition in prison, It is called crack. group exhibition, former prison in Weimar
Tourgasm: Marzahn Audiotour with FREIZEIT for B_Tours Berlin
Towns in Need of Love, with FREIZEIT Water Tower Art Fest, Pernik, Bulgaria
Talking Tower interactive light installation for Technische Sammlungen Dresden in collaboration mit Kazoosh!


Collective Futures Berlin group exhibition, Community Radio Berlin
Fabulous Jakobsplan, Kunstfest Weimar
Internationalen Dresden Summer Academy for Visual Arts group exhibition, Motorenhalle in Dresden
We Are All Public Now graduation exhibition of the M.F.A. of Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

what can i not know about you group exhibition at Gallery ALU, Gallery Java and Gallery Roman Petrovic in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

(Un)Disciplined Body group exhibition at former SED-Bezirksparteischule in Erfurt, Germany
Addition of big ideas + Reduction of ambition – A love story with Annie Novotny at Dovetail in Chicago
8×8 group exhibition at The Coop in Chicago
Wow House group exhibition with Chad Kouri at Johalla Projects in Chicago

We Print Here group exhibition at gallery Bö4 in Schneeberg, Germany
Long Distance Creation Call pop-up exhibition in an abandoned hotel with Rod Hunting in Dresden, Germany

The Following Of One Thing After Another solo show at The Family Room in Chicago
Printervention – Printing for the Public group exhibition, Tourism Center Gallery, Chicago

Portrait Raul Walch

Raul Walch

Artistic Associate and Lecturer
of the MFA-Programme "Public Art and New Artistic Strategies"

Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 7,
room 111, 99423 Weimar

phone +49(0)3643 / 58 32 10
fax +49(0)3643 / 58 33 93
email: raul.walch[at]

Office Hours:
by appointment via email


Raul Walch (1980) crosses the boundaries of artistic genres in his broad and inventive practise. He works as a sculptor and conceptual artist but also slips easily into the roll of an investigator or becomes part of a performance. Since starting his education in sculpture at the Art Academy Weißensee, and subsequently at IFREX, the Institute for Spatial Experiments, UdK Berlin, it has been an essential aspect of Raul Walch’s work to exhibit not only in conventional exhibition spaces, but to specifically explore the public sphere. His focus is on creating an unconventional approach to social reality, often unexpectedly including observers in the process. Walch’s playful works and actions are not limited to questioning or participation. Instead, he creates ephemeral and largely site-specific interventions that respond to different environments around the world.


2019 Travel stipend for Namibia, Hessische Kulturstiftung
2018 Presentation funding, Berliner Senat
2017 Residency at Nida Art Colony, Lithuania
2015 Work and research stipend, Berlin Senate
2015 Creator Residency Program, Tokyo Wonder Site
2015 Artists’ contacts, IFA art funding
2014 Global artist residency program for Ethiopia, Berlin Senate
2013 Research Residency, Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo
2012 Grant at the Institut für Raumexperimente, Berlin