08 July 2021


Online participation in our Forecast Engineering summer course is now possible!

Entry requirements and COVID restrictions make it difficult for you to participate in our summer course Forecast Engineering on site in Weimar? In these crazy times you have to be ready for anything, so here is the solution to this problem:
From now on you can apply for an online participation in our Forecast Engineering summer course

The course is still running from August 08 to August 20, 2021.
Apply now until July 25, 2021 and make the most of your summer!



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Weitere News

The last weeks in Weimar have been very lively; participants from almost 50 nationalities joined Bauhaus Summer School 2023.

Come to Weimar and take a language course at Bauhaus Summer School!



The summer this year will be hot. For many, that means sun, beach and simply switching off. If you want to do something for yourself at short notice…