Experience weimar - european capital of culture

Goethe and Schiller, Bach and Liszt, modernism and the Bauhaus. The small city is beloved for its enchanting mixture of a cultural center, its historical importance and beautiful old town.

Important cultural epochs and German as well as European history can be studied here. UNESCO has declared the houses of the poets Goethe and Schiller, the parks and gardens, the magnificent castles and the world-famous Duchess Anna Amalia Library a World Heritage Site. Bauhaus is also immortalized in this part of the collective architectural and design memory. Millions of visitors from all over the world come to the city every year to explore this unique place in the center of Germany.

Weimar City Tour

2-hour tour 

Join us for a guided tour through Weimar and explore ist exciting art and political history! We will make sure you leave with some profound insight on this famous small town.

Kunstfest Weimar - Weimar Art Festival

All day 21 AUGUST - 08 SEPTEMBER 

The Kunstfest Weimar offers a colourful, varied and always exciting programme: from international dance and theatre guest performances over various concert formats, art in public spaces to cross-disciplinary projects from literature, film or visual arts - there is something for every cultural taste!

Discover more on: www.kunstfest-weimar.de 


Weimarer Sommer

Artists and audiences conquer Weimar's parks and squares, meet for art and culture, celebrate and dance, listen and enjoy. The classical roots of Weimar are rethought in the summer and blossom in colourful ways. Almost all Weimar's cultural sectors are represented - come and see!

See more on: https://www.weimarer-sommer.de/hoehepunkte


Wine Fest Weimar

All day 

Around Goethe's birthday on August 28, the wine festival is traditionally celebrated on the Frauenplan. Visit the Goethe Wine Festival and enjoy the convivial atmosphere with a glass of wine from the region and atmospheric live music.