Crash-Kurs: Contemporary MERZbau to go

Connecting global identities through DADA

Contemporary MERZbau to go

MERZ uses the principle of crossing boundaries. Invented by Kurt Schwitters at the beginning of the 20th century in the spirit of DADA, MERZ dissolves all artistic genres and combines them into an expanded new concept of art. Schwitters spun numerous intermedial and international artist friendships and relationships through MERZ. His cave-like sculpture, the MERZbau, is particularly well known.
For the seminar "Contemporary MERZbau to go", we will test how contemporary MERZ art is and explore the intercultural ties between the participants. To this end, everyone will contribute their own environment, their own identity in the form of photos, drawings, found objects or text particles, for example, to the construction of a joint three-dimensional  MERZ sculpture in Weimar. At the end, this installation will be disassembled into its individual parts, exchanged among all participants and sent home in a box. In this way, the MERZ idea lives on, continues to be spun and built.

Open to all people interested.

The course fee is 190 EURO.

175 EURO Bauhaus Summer School 2024 participants

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1. Registration

Simply register for the course here (starting January 2024).

2. Selection procedure

The number of participants is limited to 20. The earlier you register, the more likely it is that you will get a place.



In Weimar

21-23 August

at 16.00-20.30


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The course language is English.