Categories & Fees

Our accommodations

You would like to book accommodation for your stay in Weimar? Then use our offers! When registering, you can choose from four different housing options:

The accommodations are located throughout the inner city of Weimar. Since Weimar is small, everything is easy to reach - either by walking or by bus. Only the low budget rooms are located at the outskirts. With your participant ID, you can use the city buses for free.
If you have any special requets, please let us know at the time of booking. Please note that we will take wishes into account. However, we cannot guarantee that the rooms will meet all your expectations.


        shared apartment     student hall     low budget room
sheets       yes     yes     yes
kitchen tools       yes     partially     partially
towels       no     no     no
lockable rooms       no     yes     yes/no
Central location       yes     yes     no
Internet       yes     yes     partially
2 Weeks       350 €     -     330 €
3,5 Weeks       -     410 €     -

You can find the prices for hotels and hostels here.

Good to know

  • If you book a room with us, we guarantee accommodation during your course stay.
  • We will do our best to fulfil the category request. However, if there are not enough rooms in one category, the room category and therefore the price may change. We will inform you of any changes in due time.
  • We will inform you by e-mail if you cannot be accommodated in the desired category.
  • We try to allocate the rooms according to the date of registration. This means that the earlier you register, the more likely we can fulfil your category request.
  • Any additional payments or refunds resulting from a change of category will be paid in cash in the course office during the first week of the Course Office.
  • Before arrival, more detailed information on accommodation - such as address etc. - is not possible. The exact address of your accommodation will be given to you upon arrival.