The Scholarship Commission is according to the »Satzung für die Vergabe von Stipendien an der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar« (MdU 11/2015) identical with the  commission under § 10 of the »Thüringer Graduiertenförderungsverordnung«. The commission can be expanded by a resolution of the Presidium of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.

On 7 June 2017 the current commission is elected for 2 years by the Senate and consists of the following members:

  • Chair: Prof. Dr. Winfried Speitkamp, Präsident
  • Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism
    Prof. Dr. Hans-Rudolf Meier, deputy: Prof. Dr. Max Welch Guerra
    Dr. Sabine Zierold, deputy: Dipl.-Geogr. Britta Trostorff
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering
    Prof. Dr. Kay Smarsly, deputy: Prof. Dr. Guido Morgenthal
  • Faculty of Art and Design
    Prof. Danica Dakic, deputy: Prof. Jana Gunstheimer
    Dr. Teresa Garcia Carrasco, deputy: Tom Ackermann
  • Faculty of Media
    Junior-Prof. Dr. Julia Bee, deputy: Prof. Dr. Björn Kuchinke
  • Equal Opportunity Officer
    Ricarda Löser, Ph.D., deputy: Dr. Silke Beinersdorf, deputy in the Equal Opportunity Advisory Board
  • Representation of doctoral candidates/graduates for scholarships within the Thür. Graduiertenförderung and further scholarships for alumni, doctoral candidates, postdocs
    Edith Kollath, deputy: Francis Hunger
  • Student representative for scholarships for students
    Sophie Littmann, deputy: Lilly Martin

Duty and Procedure

The duty of the scholarship commission is to improve the prerequisites for granting a scholarship and to define the funding level and its period. Resolutions are passed based on the majority of the votes of the present members. In the case of a parity of votes, the vote of the chairperson is decisive. Generally, the scholarship commission makes the decision of the scholarship grants within 2 months after the deadline for the call for applications expires.